Silly Holiday Poem

In honor of us turning (violently and without enough warning!) into December, I wrote a silly poem to remind everyone of why we do this to ourselves every year: it’s not about the presents, the food, the decorating, or the hub-bub that we go through to get everything together.

We do this for our families.

We do this for our children (if you have any).

We do this to show, in a very tangible way, that we love and care for one another.

It’s not about the gift, but rather the spirit of giving. It’s not about the party, but rather the spirit of togetherness. It is so easy to lose touch with the true spirit behind the WHY, so please take a moment to remember the people you are shopping for and not their wishlist.

Don’t forget to important stuff while you’re busy sweating the details, mkay?


Thanksgiving came,
Black Friday went –
Your hard-earned money
Is all but spent!

The tree is up,
The stockings hung,
It’s time for carols
Joyously sung!

Presents to wrap!
Halls to deck!
Malls and stores,
To endlessly trek!

Pictures with Santa!
A gingerbread kit!
Wrap parties and luncheons?
A son that won’t sit!

Treasure these moments,
Hectic and wild,
Because one day your kid,
Won’t be a small child.

They grow up so fast,
Like a weed in the sun –
So relish the chaos,
Keep the holidays fun!


Optimistic for a fun-filled December and a joyous new year,

~ Victoria Elizabeth



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