Loom of Lies

And so I’m stuck caught in your web of lies. Aware of the trap you’ve set, knowing I’m not the first or the last but grateful to be here just the same. ________________________________________________ Thank you for reading, ~ Victoria Elizabeth

Roman Candles.

Another evening at Epcot in the Walt Disney World park. Fireworks are practically my reason for living. “There should be fireworks, at least, when a dream dies.” Kirby Larson. ~ Victoria Elizabeth

Lake Eola Fireworks – My Favorite Shots!

I say it often, but it bares repeating: I. Love. Fireworks. Had a chance to catch two sets of fireworks over the Fourth of July weekend, and had a perfect view of the Lake Eola show last night. Below are my favorite shots from the night. P.S. While most people would crop out (or be…


I’ve broken you, yet you’ve allowed me to bind the wounds. — I’ve failed you, yet you’ve permitted me to try to make amends. — I’ve lied to you, yet you’ve welcomed me to tell the truth again. — I don’t deserve you, yet you’ve forgiven me and loved me all the same. ____________________________________________________ Thanks…

The Magic of Love

Every once in a while, you get to witness a miracle. Real, passionate love. Unbridled joy. Two people so alone in their precious moment of happiness, the world could stop turning and they’d hardly notice. Congrats to Kenzie and Brian on their special day! ~ Victoria Elizabeth