bodies bumping, pressed together by brutal cold, sardines flapping in a tin can. fingers flying, faces illuminated in the LED glow of a screen. hot breath, fogging the windows, as we try to warm the chill between us. so close together yet always alone. ____________________________ Thanks for reading, ~ Victoria Elizabeth


Emerge Literary Journal: “Some Days”

My narrative poem, “Some Days,” has officially been published in the print anthology produced by Emerge Literary Journal The Editor-in-Chief, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, nominated me for the 2015 Pushcart for this particular poem, so it’s very near and dear to my heart. You can purchase your own copy of the Winter 2014 (Issue 9)…


There comes a point in time, when you realize you don’t deserve what you had. A time, when you see yourself for the bitch you truly are. You stand in the light and the blemishes paint themselves on your skin, little lightposts marking the path on your road to sin. There comes a time, when…

Oh, you vapid little girl.

marriage crumbled, affair smoldered, while an eating disorder quietly consumed her from the inside out. ain’t it amazing what a smile can hide? ____________________________________________ Thank you for reading, ~ Victoria Elizabeth


feet strike pavement, echoes of a path I used to take. running from you, or toward? both are the same mistake. why do the cracks in the concrete make me crave the scratching tickle of your kiss? escape I’m free of this illusion but you’re the lie I hate to miss. Thanks for reading, Victoria…


and when the mask fades away stripped of the layers of false hope joy pride faith love all that’s left is a sad, sad girl ————————————- Thanks for reading, Victoria Elizabeth

“The Liar” – a poem for Jamie Croom.

You were a tailor, wearing suits of crafted tales, woven lies, snug and warm, of the finest filigree, no less. You were a magician, pulling stories from your breast, blooming blossoms of perfumed petals, to hide the rabbit in your hat. You were a performer, contorting and reshaping before my eyes, a languid, flexible figure,…

Upcoming Publication: “Some Days”

I’m very excited to announce that my narrative poem, “Some Days,” will be featured in the Emerge Literary Journal, a physical (print) magazine showcasing poetry and prose from emerging writers. Their journal is scheduled to come out December 2014, and I’m pleased to know that this will be my very first print publication. I’ve been…