For the DBZ: Getting Fit from the Sofa!

Credits: all scripting prepared by Victoria Elizabeth (October 2014), edited by Carmen Perez (executive producer). Created for exclusive use by The Daily Buzz, Mojo Brands Media. Performed by: Jared Cotter and Jessica Reyes. Featuring: Victoria Elizabeth and Ivan Albino as the overzealous interns on the couch!


Internship Drawing to an End

I’m just a few weeks away from the end of my 90-day internship with The Daily Buzz. I cannot believe how quickly the last ten weeks have gone, and how sad I am to be in the final stretch of what has been a whirlwind of learning, growth, and professional development. While I attribute much…

Who can’t spare a $1?

OK, so a classmate of mine has been accepted for an extremely prestigious internship at the Cannes Film Festival. Yes, I said CANNES. Huge, right? Unfortunately, she was given VERY little notice regarding the acceptance and has had less than three weeks to raise the money for the tuition. Tuition for the event is $3,500,…