A fantasy cloaked in non-fiction, you were the story I couldn’t put down. Words branded on my eyelids, pressed deep in the pages of my soul. Sex. Magic. Love. Lies. Nonsense. Truth. Now I know why the world burns books. ———————————– – Victoria Elizabeth


An Ode to the Stars

What’s the most beautiful thing about stars? There’s a billion of them: two, three, four billion. More than you could count in a hundred lifetimes. When one burns out in an endless sea of twinkling lights, you hardly notice. The sky doesn’t get dimmer, The night doesn’t creep up, Your world keeps turning. Unless, of…

Thank you.

I’ve realized today that someone very dear to me has chosen to remove themselves from my life. They haven’t said it, but I’ve grown to sense a progressive distance forming between us. The communications have run dry, the open door has gradually shut. It’s been happening slowly for weeks but I pretended not to notice,…