Thank you.

I’ve realized today that someone very dear to me has chosen to remove themselves from my life. They haven’t said it, but I’ve grown to sense a progressive distance forming between us. The communications have run dry, the open door has gradually shut. It’s been happening slowly for weeks but I pretended not to notice, hoping I was misreading the cues.

While it’s never a good feeling to know that someone has ended a friendship with you, I have reached a point where I can be grateful for the time I had with them. Appreciate the love they shared with me, the guidance they offered, and the comfort their presence was in my life.

People change, circumstances vary, and things that used to work sometimes just stop functioning. It isn’t anyone’s fault – time has both positive and negative repercussions on us all.

While I am very sad to lose them, I want this person to know that I will always be grateful for the influence they had in my life and that I will continue to love and support them from the shadows. I wish them nothing but happiness in their life and continued success in their endeavors.

A note to that person, in the hopes that they read this:

Thank you, my friend, for everything you’ve done for me. I hope you realize how drastically changed my life is as a result of your influence. I’ve discovered more of myself as a person during our friendship than I had for years prior. Your advice has helped to shape my world, my future, and I will always owe you a debt of gratitude for expanding my horizons beyond the bounds I had forcefully set upon myself. I will miss you, more than I can define in words, but I pray that the same ticking clock that has separated us will eventually ease that pain and leave me only with fond memories.

I wish only for you to be well – emotionally, physically, and professionally – and that your journey leads to continued happiness and success.

To quote Suzanne Collins, “may the odds be ever in your favor.”


~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


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