An Embarrassing Confession

This Friday, I’m going to be participating in something I am not proud of, something that is incredibly embarrassing to admit to even my closest friends.

To make things worse, I’m bringing a friend with me.

What is this shameful event that I speak of?

This Friday, June 21st, I’m going to a New Kids on the Block Concert.

That’s right.


But wait! That’s not all. It’s not one boy band from the 80s-90s – it’s several.

Boys II Men. 98 Degrees.

And potentially a few “surprise guests.”

They might as well march the cast of 90210 across the stage, because I’m basically living out every preteen fantasy I’ve ever had one evening.

I remember when I was six or seven, I got the New Kids on the Block concert stage and dolls for Christmas. I was beside myself with joy. I put on concert after concert, right in my own bedroom. And Donnie always made sure to sing just to me. We had a little thing going on back then… it was beautiful.

I’m posting this now as a forewarning to my readers, as the follow-up posts to come this weekend will likely be lots of gushing, reminiscing on childhood, and about 5,210,647 pictures from the concert.

Now, to dig up my slap-bracelets and neon tights for the concert. Hmmmmmm.

~ Victoria Elizabeth


P.S. Did I mention I went to the concert when they came to Orlando in 2011? Whoops.

They've aged well. Most of them, anyways.

They’ve aged well. Most of them, anyways.




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