Bruno Mars in Concert!


Had to share this awesome photo of Bruno Mars and his band from last night. Doesn’t this picture just look like it’s straight out of the 70s? I love it.

My fanhood (is that a word?) has increased tenfold for Bruno after last night’s concert in Orlando.

He was energetic, talented, and put on one helluva (spellcheck says that’s a real word?) stage show.

Here it is, 4:30am on the east coast, and I’m wide awake because I can’t wind down – that’s how great of a concert he put on last night.

Truly, if the Moonshine Jungle tour is coming to your city and you’re a fan, you need to buy tickets.

And if you’re not a Bruno fan… What’s wrong with you?!

Kidding. Maybe.

Optimistic that I’m going to be sleepy (but very happy) at work today,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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