My husband and I found out that one of our closest friends died in an accident on his motorcycle last night.

He was doing all the right things. Wore his helmet and protective gear. Wasn’t speeding. Hadn’t been drinking.

The other car just didn’t see him.

Per the official report, she “failed to yield to the right of way” at a stop sign.

We don’t know if the other driver was distracted.

Or drunk.

Or if our friend was in her blind spot at just the wrong moment.

I don’t think we want to know.

All we know is that we lost one of the best people we knew. We lost an ally, a friend, a comrade in arms.

We lost a brother.

I don’t yet have the words to describe my sadness. I don’t have the language to express my pain.

I am a writer without words.

Searching for the silver-lining to this cloud,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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