New Poem: “The One I Lost”

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The Floridian rain gets me down and produces a sense of melancholy, a rare acrimony I do not normally possess. I never know what to do with these emotions, as I so rarely feel them.

Do I find a quiet room and cry?

Do I look up a therapist on Google and pay a lunchtime visit? What would I even talk about?

“Sorry, doc, the weather gets me down. If I don’t see the sun, I get a little… weepy. Got any pills for that?”


Opting to save myself a copay and a poor psychologist an hour of his life, I decided to channel my peculiar emotions into a poem of sadness and regret. Please enjoy.


The One I Lost

To the one I lost,
I’m sorry.
A decision made,
in haste,
took you away from me.
I didn’t know
that you were my world,
my life,
link in the chain
I wasn’t supposed to sever.
I missed your first soccer game
but you didn’t cry.
My little Gemini,
your knees
skimmed on concrete,
scabs itching
but never a complaint.
not a word
when I failed
to be there as your
tiny socked feet
found their grip on dog hair and scratched wood.
Diapers unchanged,
belly unkissed,
ten perfect little piggies
never to go
all the way home.
I never deserved
your love
perfect, innocent and pure
but you gave it.
I felt you inside me,
a walnut
resting in my
To the one I lost,
because I didn’t know
how much I needed
Aren’t you proud
your mother
a statistic,
serving fast food,
to the parents of your friends?
Just another college drop-out?
Would you have been…
Would we have had
I would’ve had
To the one I lost,
I’m sorry.
When I gave your life
for mine,
How could I have known
I’d never
be free without your
in my arms?

Optimistic for a beautiful, sunshine-filled day tomorrow – or else the meteorologist is in for a beat-down. 🙂

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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