Sharing Some Laughter

I’m not my usual optimistic self just yet, so I decided to share some of my “work poetry” to help lift my spirits.

In my office, the supervisors have a tendency to announce via email when it’s their turn covering the night shift and/or weekends. Instead of just sending out a quick, “Hey, I’m here if you need me,” sort of notification, I’ve diverted to send out limericks, poems, and Disney spoofs.

Here are a few that I’ve used in the past few months:

On a Sunday email –

T’is the day before Monday, and all through the suite,
The office is buzzing, the Reps, they do greet!
The headsets are hung on their chargers with care,
In the hopes that dear clients soon would be there!

The Reps are all nestled, warm and snug in their seats,
While they dream of producers who make their phat beats!
I, with my laptop, all power and plug,
Have settled in to help, my coffee in mug.

When, oh boy, the phones start to ring,
That’s when this Department will begin to sing.
To the vault, I will rush, to search for an app!
To the webview, I’ll run, to draw a call map!

Today will be good, today will be great!
For the Reps will have fun, it’s everyone’s fate!
So, let the day begin, let the calls commence,
And to those who hate poetry, please take no offense.


On a night shift –

Be… Our… Lead,
Be our lead,
Put our call flow to your need,
Grab a seat at your desk, cherie,
And let this MOD be the lead!

Interviews a’plenty,
Follow-ups, galore!
The reps, oui-oui, they ask for more!
Try the project, it’s a’thriving –
Ask your neighbor, they’re a’jiving!

Reps can call
Reps can email,
After all, Miss, this is (company name here)!
And a connection here is never second best!

So go on, get on the phones,
Reach out to clients, I don’t want your groans!
Be our lead,
Oui, our lead!

Be… ourrrrr…. leeeeeaaaaaaddddd!!


Another evening shift –

There once was a Director named John,
Who loved nothing more than a song,
The ring of a phone,
A Rep’s happy tone,
The melodies of work going on!

Our reps will work through the night,
Their goal – always in sight!
They’ll smile as they dial,
They’ll go the long mile,
And for the good of the clients, they’ll fight!


I have more, but I can’t amend them [to hide the company information] without ruining the rhyme and theme, so I’ll save those for another day.

Hope these made you chuckle.

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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