“Even Mathematicians Need Love” – Comic Script

“Even Mathematicians Need Love.”

When the beautiful Sheena Alcot, a lunar bounty-hunter and Moon Diner connoisseur, comes to the Moon School to track a criminal believed to be hiding somewhere on the campus, Braxton Thousket’s life flips upside down.  Braxton, the neurotic math teacher and occultist, immediately develops a crush on Sheena, offering to aid in her search and abandoning his own classroom duties while he follows her around like a lovesick puppy.

With their instructor distracted, the students run amuck. Spunk, a mischievous alien, covers the majority of the school grounds with flotsam and jetsam, while Kamryn Blu, popular and superficial, recruits several girls and starts a fashion show in the cafeteria. Olivia Henderson, a freshman introvert, is intimidated by the chaos, and hides in a storage closet. Florence Henricks, nerdy and socially inept, tries to orchestrate a study group to ensure their education doesn’t suffer.

Braxton, eager to help Sheena, keeps accidentally destroying evidence she needs to track down the criminal. Meanwhile, Sheena observes the wildness at the school and worries that the criminal will slip out amongst the chaos. Will Braxton finally find love or will the crazy antics of his out-of-control class drive away his first chance at romance?

Click here to download the script!



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