“Once a Conman, Always a Glutton” – Squash & Splat Animation Script

In May 2013, I had my first exposure to writing animation, both for television and feature film formats.

I have to admit, writing for animation is a true joy.

The ability to defy basic physics, engage in looney plots, and give camera direction (normally a big no-no in screenplays!) was a delicious freedom.

For the course, we designed a series bible for a spec show entitled, “The Moon Port.”

Here’s a little teaser —

Location: Moon Port

Episode Title: “Once A Conman, Always A Coward.”

When a shipment of food disappears from the Moon Port, the citizens of the lunar community become panicked. As supplies run low, Mook, lead traffic controller, has to orchestrate a food-rationing program to ensure that all of the corporations and populations have enough to survive until the provisions are replaced. Xi supervises the initiative, causing Mook to get nervous and frequently flub up the distribution.

Eager to turn a profit from the misfortunes of the misplaced supplies, Oki, a member of technical support in supply and a conman, smuggles in rations from a planet outside of the galaxy, which is strictly forbidden, as there is an embargo against all imports outside of the Milky Way.

Nu’Kard, the head chef of the Moon Diner, is called in to assist with the preparation and maximization of the limited supplies and Oki, posing as a member of the Cargo Distribution team, sneaks his illegal groceries into the general supply. When Nu’Kard discovers that the “vegetarian” products he’s been supplied with are actually little, cuddly creatures, he quickly alerts Xi to identify the culprit. Torq, an illegal alien, recognizes the creatures from his home planet and informs Xi, an agent of Intergalactic Magistrates, that they’re actually dangerous, vicious animals that reproduce at a quick rate and they need to be exterminated as quickly as possible.

Can Xi isolate the creatures before they reproduce and devour the limited food supply? Will Oki be able to control his appetite until the lost concessions are located?

You can download my episode, a brief “squash and splat” script (similar to Spongebob Squarepants, in the sense that it’s two short stories played out in 10-15 minutes each) by clicking here.

Additional samples of animation formatting, as well as other genres, can be requested via my contact form.

Thank you for reading!



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