Unedited Love Poem

A poem I wrote during a bout of procrastination.

Unedited and clichéd, it’s the first poem I’ve written in a while. I’m definitely out of practice! If I feel up to it, I may tweak/rewrite it in the next few days, but thought I might as well share it here since it’s something I have no plans to publish or promote. Enjoy!


To love you is dolorous,
To be separate is pain,
You’re the drug I pursue,
Unable to abstain.

Our trials and our fights,
Your anger, my grief:
The cause of my suffering,
Be also its relief.

Other people can talk,
Yet never communicate.
Our bodies find language
When our words suffocate.

Skin against skin,
Our heartbeats align,
I never feel home
‘Til our hands intertwine.

My mind wants to hate you,
My heart finds no cause.
You’ve secured it completely,
I adore all your flaws.

Our trust be not found,
Our love be not bought.
This bond that we have
Can be seen but not sought.

I’m whole on my own,
Yet combined we’re complete,
You balance my soul,
My world’s true replete.


Thank you for reading!

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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