My Reflection (a poem)

Recent inspiration results in a lot of new poetry. I’m not sharing the majority of it (yet), but I will try to post a few here and there.

Here’s one that I wrote (with a dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror) this morning. It’s unedited and weak, but I don’t plan to revisit it any time soon.


When I look in the mirror
and hate what I see,
I tell myself lies,
“It ain’t me, it ain’t me!”

If only I were smaller,
that’s likely the key.
Or a tad brighter, a fighter!
A mind deep like the sea.

I’m shallow and surface,
all the world would agree.
I wasn’t special, not close!
Could a dog love its flea?

Rejected, a failure,
this truth I can’t flee.
I was never enough,
I never could be.

From the faults of my person,
I’ll never be free.
So feed god my lament,
and accept what will be.

Thank you for reading,

Victoria Elizabeth


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