Quick & Light Holiday Poem

Since it’s Wednesday night (Hump Day – bah humbug), I’m cranky, hungry, and in need of a hug, I decided to write another silly holiday poem. I tend to write the opposite of what I’m feeling in the moment, an homage to the emotions I’m missing, perhaps.

Either way, the poem is cute, unedited, and certainly not publish-worthy, so I decided to share it here.



The lines grow long,
The days grow short.
The majority of your food
Is found in Food Courts.

You’ve shopped and you’ve wrapped,
The list, it’s still long!
You swear that you’ll scream,
With the next Christmas song.

You’re grumpy, you’re tired –
You’re ready for a break!
But if you step out of line,
Your spot they will take!

Just one week to go,
Seven days, all that’s left!
No more halls to deck,
No more gifts to heft!

So drink your eggnog, my friends!
Have a cookie, or two!
For the holidays are upon us,
And they’re ready for YOU!


My mood may be sour but my poetry is light! 🙂

Optimistic for a better Thursday,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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