First Semester = Completed!

On Wednesday, April 30th, I attended my final class of the spring 2014 semester at Rollins College. This was the first term of my MLS and I’m stunned by how quickly the term passed.

I still remember my first day of class: I was overwhelmed, intimidated, and nervous. I felt under-prepared and worried (often) that I wasn’t capable of keeping up with my gifted and talented classmates. Rollins had always felt like a dream to me: something to fantasize about, to wish for, but never something I was worthy to pursue. So when I got my acceptance letter last November, I was excited, humbled, and SCARED.

I was extremely fortunate to choose the BEST course for my first experience at the university: Writing Self, Culture, and Other with Dr. Lisa Tillmann. This class was the perfect transition from my previous education, as it combined creative writing, scholarly research, and powerful narratives to tell evocative stories in the social sciences arena. I found myself surrounded by supportive and eager classmates and after a few classes together, my intimidation was replaced with enthusiasm and support.

I willingly shared personal histories, I provided encouragement to my peers as they shared theirs, and I crafted dozens of short stories, poems, and academic papers in the span of just sixteen weeks. The classes flew by and I can’t believe I’m already on my summer break.

I don’t want a break!

Fortunately for me, the summer term starts up on May 19th and I’ve registered for two classes, so I will stay busy throughout this tepid, Florida weather. My goal is to complete my MLS in under three years and if I can keep this pace (2-3 classes per term), I can make it happen!

Mission: MLS 2016.

Now to catch up on some leisure reading!

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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