An Autoethnographic Collaboration: The Side Room

I’m very excited to announce the publication of an anthology of autoethnographic works (stories, poems, photographs, and more) featuring my short story, “Wednesday Night,” as well as the work of many of my talented classmates from Rollins College.

You can purchase the paperback for $24.95, and we hope to release an eBook version in the near future.

Click the image to purchase!
Click the image to purchase!

The incredibly talented Emilie Mears, a former classmate in the MLS program at Rollins, collected the works featured in this anthology, and dedicated her time and effort to editing the pieces, organizing them into a cohesive work, and seeking publication for The Side Room. I was honored to share a classroom with her and I’m eager to see where the future leads her in her PhD.

In case you’re not familiar with autoethnography, I wrote a blog about the genre back in January 2014, and it explains the subject in conversational terms. I really enjoyed the class and would love to work on writing my own ethnographic novel in the future.

Thank you for reading!

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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