Feeling great!

You know what makes you feel pretty darn FANTASTIC? Helping someone out who had no idea that they needed help until they spoke with you.

Today, I went to visit my professor to discuss a project of mine. He was doing me a favor, as I’m not currently in his class but I value his opinion on my work. We chatted for a good period of time about my story concept, my concerns with the plotline, and even breached into the world of moral righteousness from an almost existentialist viewpoint. Off topic, but a really, really engaging conversation that left me charged and inspired to continue working on my piece.

Shortly before I planned to leave, he mentioned that he had encountered a hiccup in the curriculum development department of the school and that videos he needed for class would not be ready/accessible in time for the next course. While I’m not an iMovie/Final Cut aficionado, I am proficient with basic editing skills – so I offered my services and the use of my puny Macbook Pro webcam.

A couple of hours of footage, some blackmail worthy outtakes, and quite a few laughs later, I managed to help out my instructor and repay the debt for all of the extra time he’s spent with me over the last few months. I have my advice and feedback for my screenplay and he has two fancy new videos for class: we both left a little richer for the experience today!

Life is pretty grand the way it works out some days, folks. Just run with it.
– Victoria Elizabeth Ann


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