Work Laptop = Broken

So… I dropped my laptop off to our IT Dept yesterday afternoon for some “updates,” which I was told would take about sixty minutes. After an hour, I received a call notifying me of some “snags,” which would result in them needing another hour or two.

That hour or two turned into them notifying me that they needed to re-image my computer – basically, erase everything and start fresh. New laptop, practically.

Huh. Now, more than 24 hours later, they still have my laptop. Something about the thinga-ma-jig not being compatible with another thingy-ma-bop. I have no idea. I think I heard the words “mountain lion” and “software” used in one phrase or another. Did I order a zoo application?

Most people would be really annoyed by now. Me? I’m excited. Why? Instead of being glued to my laptop, pulling reports and checking emails, I get the opportunity to go and sit with my employees, talk to them face to face, and really enjoy the energy and vibe of the floor. What a treat!

Granted… I would like my laptop back at some point this week, though.

– Tori


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