In a silly mood…

I’m in a bit of a silly mood today, so I decided to share a few limericks I’ve written in the past weeks. The first one is cute; the other two were just me enjoying the fact that words rhyme. Simple pleasures in life.

One for my puppy, Taquito:

There once was a dog named Taquito,
Who smelled awfully like a burrito.
His mom had a hunch,
That he’d make a great lunch,
So she washed her dog down with a Mojito.

One for my husband, Carlos:

A man made of pure muscle and grit,
Was asked by his wife to please sit,
So he plopped on the ground,
With an echoing sound,
Now where is the ol’ first aid kit?

And one for my best friend, Delonna, who recently moved to Texas:

Delonna, the lady of grace,
My word, the prettiest face!
She moved to the west,
Sending love to the rest,
Spreading her joy to a special new place!

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