First Publication of 2014: Postcard Shorts!

Chirp, chirp!

That was the first sound I heard this morning. Despite what you’re thinking, it was not an overeager bird outside my window nor my alarm clock. (In case you’re wondering, my friends, my alarm clock is actually the melodic lullabies of the talented Bruno Mars. Because, really, is there any better way to wake up in the morning? But I digress…)

This morning’s hullabaloo was the announcement of an email arriving on my iPhone. Groggy and grumbling (because, really, who is god’s name emails at 7:30 on a Saturday morning?), I reached for my phone. With sleep-crusted eyes and morning breath, I scrolled through the myriad of spam messages to discover an email from Postcard Shorts.

They published my story!

A piece of micro fiction I’d written after a troubling dream, “Sandy Horse” is less than 150 words but packs a visual punch. I’d been saving it for a while, trying to figure out the best outlet for it, as most publishers seem to prefer 500-1,500 word pieces. I stumbled across Postcard Shorts while attending a writing workshop and thought I’d give it a shot, considering they had a 250 word cap on their submissions. Looks like it was a match!

My piece was published on January 12th and can be viewed by clicking here.

Optimistic for a productive 2014 of writing,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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