4 out of 5!

Well, looks like they published another article of mine on the school’s news blog! Woohoo!

I never expected that I would be making such headway on my 5-in-28 goal [see, Who, me? for more information] this early in the year. Granted, three of the four publications I’ve had thus far have been for the school’s blog… but still, it counts!

Since I cannot post a direct link, here is a copy/paste of the article directly from the Student Portal:

The Top Mobile Apps for [Full Sail] Students

By Victoria Webster-Perez

In today’s mobile world, most of us find that we are glued to our phones. They are the lifeline to our families, the fastest method of communication with our friends, and, in many cases, our primary access to news, media, and entertainment. With such an inundated app market, though, which apps are the most helpful for a Full Sail student?

I’ve decided to take a look at some of the free and paid apps out there to see what is really worth the download.

Here’s what I found:

The Best App for Managing Your Dough:

Mint.com Personal Finance – FREE
(iPhone & Android)

This app may as well be renamed “Managing Your Money for Dummies,” it’s that easy to use. Designed with non-CPAs in mind, Mint.com actually helps you create a budget and stick to it. It also helps you catch “money traps” that you didn’t even realize you were falling into. For example: that daily Starbucks trip which seems so inexpensive? It very well may be adding up to over $200 at the end of the month! Using Mint.com’s Personal Finance app, you can set a limit on how much you can spend in each category [such as Coffee Shops, Clothing, Restaurants, etc.] and it will do the rest – because it will retrieve the information directly from your bank account. No additional work on your part! And since it will notify you when you’re close to your limit in any given classification, it helps you stay on track.

The Best App for Organization:

inClass – FREE
(iPhone only)

Finally, an organizational app designed just for students! I’ve always been frustrated by some of those calendar applications that have categories I can never figure out how to use or have limited room for multiple events. InClass actually organizes your class schedule, homework due dates, social events, and more – with convenient to use tools that allow you to replicate occurrences and color code based on priority. In addition, it has a notebook for each class [ditch the paper notebooks and go green!] as well as the option to take audio, video, or photographic notes and sort them accordingly. For those who like to travel light, this app can replace an entire book bag of supplies!

The Best App for the Sleep Deprived:

SleepCycle Alarm Clock – $0.99
(iPhone only)

Most of us will admit that we’re running on fumes from time to time. Whether cramming for a test, rushing to put the final touches on a project, or recovering from a bit too social of an evening, everyone can vouch for days where they do not get enough sleep. Allow me to introduce you the SleepCycle Alarm Clock. As hard to believe as it sounds, this app actually analyzes your sleep pattern [you keep it tucked under your pillow when you hit the hay] and it wakes you up during the lightest sleep phase – allowing you to wake up feeling well-rested, revitalized, and ready to start your day. Even on nights when you can’t afford to sleep more than a few hours, this app – based on years of research and development in sleep science – monitors your movement at night and wakes you up during the optimal time within the thirty minute window you’ve set it for. Feel more rested even on fewer hours of sleep? Yes, please!

The Best App for Eating Out:

UrbanSpoon – FREE
UrbanSpoon Team
(iPhone & Android)

Eating out is as much as part of college life as attending classes. In fact, it’s probably more so, considering most of us need at least three squares per day to keep going. With all of the options surrounding the campus, how do you choose where to go? The hardest decision in life when you’re stomach is rumbling! Welcome to UrbanSpoon, a slot-machine style app that you can shake and it suggests a restaurant. Feeling a bit pickier about your lunch choices? Browse a comprehensive lists of restaurants, which you can organize based on location, price, or cuisine type. From the app, you can even make reservations, build a dining history, or compare your gastronomic selections with your friends. So whether you’re staying close to home or exploring a new city, UrbanSpoon makes the choice easy for even the most indecisive of diners.

The Best App for the Forgetful:

Studious – Student’s Diary – $1.99
LW Apps
(iPhone only)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably forgotten to turn off your cell phone a few times and experienced the painful embarrassment of hearing your phone ring [really, who still uses “Baby Got Back” as a ringtone?] in the middle of a lecture. To avoid the next shameful dig through your book bag to locate the cacophonous offender, you should download Studious – Student’s Diary, by LW Apps. In addition to the practical organization features boasted by other student apps, Studious will actually automatically silence your cell phone during class times [assuming you’ve inputted your schedule] and send you push reminders of upcoming homework assignments. On top of that, it also saves text notes and photos, making it an all-in-one savior for the chaotic or disorganized. Worth every penny!

Let’s Get Downloading!

So there you have it! Downloaded and tinkered with by hundreds of thousands of users, these apps have lived up to [or exceeded] expectations. While you may not have a need for all of them, I bet one or two of these is either already installed on your phone or will be in the near future.

A few honorable mentions that are worth a look are: Evernote [free, both iPhone & Android], MyFitnessPal [free, both iPhone & Android], Groupon [free, both iPhone & Android], and gMusic [free, both iPhone & Android.] Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of apps on the market today, so don’t limit yourself to anything on this list. Find the app that works best for you and get downloading!

Victoria Webster-Perez is a Creative Writing for Entertainment student who works full time as an Admissions Team Leader at Full Sail University. Outside of her professional commitments, Victoria enjoys biking, rollerblading, and running. She is currently training to participate in the Savage Race in Dade City on Oct. 20. She actively participates every year in the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk and is hoping to coordinate a team of Full Sail students and staff at this year’s event on Oct. 13 at Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando.


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