Choose a Title: Why I Am a Masochist -or- Today I’m a WARRIOR!

I wrote the first half of this post on the drive to Lake Whales, Florida at 7:30 this morning. The second half, I wrote on the drive home. Don’t worry – my husband was driving.


In the predawn stillness of a chilly Saturday morning, an alarm clock sounded. The ridiculous cadence of a robot on crack interrupted dreams of down blankets, fairies, and sunshine pooping unicorns to tell me that it is time to get up. It is time to be a warrior.

Yes, I am sacrificing sleep and the warm embrace of my bed to go run 3.34 miles and tackle 20 obstacles, many of which involve water, in 45 degree weather. Why? That is definitely a good question.

In previous posts I’ve addressed my competitive nature. I love a challenge and my greatest competitor is often myself. I don’t necessarily care how I do compared to others, as long as I’ve shown improvement compared to the last time I attempted the feat. Especially with athletics, I rarely worry about how those do around me. As a woman with a 27″ inseam, I’m definitely not trying to break world records with my stride. I’m quite satisfied to have a 29-31 minute 5k, as long as I shaved a few seconds off of my previous best time.

But why do I do it? Hmmmmm. Maybe I can answer that question after I finish my coffee.


That WAS a white shirt...


I have mud in places mud should never go. I’ve been shivering on and off for close to three hours, mainly because I was drenched four times in 45 minutes on a day with a high temp of about 62 degrees and a consistent breeze. I’m scratched from barbed wire, itchy from thorns, and I’m pretty sure I’m sporting a 1st degree sunburn on my neck. So how do I feel?


Would I do it again?


In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that I was riding with others, I would have happily joined one of the afternoon heats to repeat the run.

So why do I do it? Why do I put myself through this torture? Because I CAN. I have lungs that will suck in the air I need when I plunge into that freezing cold water. I have legs that will keep moving, even when my brain is screaming for a cold beer and a nap. I have arms that will heave me up onto that wooden wall – magically, incredibly – and they’ll still let me pick up a pen to write that same evening.

I am a WARRIOR because my body lets me. And I plan to keep doing these races – whether its 5k or 50k – until my body vetoes the decision.

Until then –

Pleasant runs and lots of ibuprofen!

~ Victoria Elizabeth [Ann]


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