Am I a bona fide actress now?

A very serious pause between takes. My colleague on the left was doing her best impersonation of The Godfather, whereas I was showing off my excellent posture.

I was officially in my second student film this evening! And I had more than one line! Pretty sure that makes me a professional. I’ll work on mailing out those autographed headshots as soon as I can, folks, so please be patient.

In all seriousness, that was an incredible evening! Over four hours, seven actors, 20+ extras, a director, a boom operator, and our professor operating the camera! I’ve never enjoyed a student project as much as I did this piece. I’m exhausted, hungry, and way behind on my homework [due Sunday – eek!], but it was absolutely worth it.

I strongly recommend everyone get involved in student film projects – the camaraderie, energy, enthusiasm, and overall excitement for the piece is intoxicating!

In the meantime, though, I really ought to work on getting an agent…
~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


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