Rainy Days

I’ll never understand why so many of my fellow Floridians get upset when it rains. That’s like saying you’re upset that your stomach growls by noon. It’s a give-in; it’s going to happen, probably daily, and it’s something that’s part of every day life.

Perhaps I’m crazy, but I love rainy days! Not only are they the perfect movie/book catch-up opportunities, but they’re also great during the work week!

Here are just a few reasons why I love rainy days Monday-Friday:

  • I have an excuse for not blow-drying and styling my hair! Fashionable bun, pretty clip, and I’m set!
  • I finally get to rock-out those adorable cheetah print rain galoshes I bought last year!
  • Trench coats hide the tummy from weekend binge-eating!
  • Umbrellas can be an adorable accessory to any outfit!
  • It becomes socially acceptable to walk around with a snuggie on in the office!
  • People drive less erratically on the roads on their drive to work – no one likes to hydroplane!
  • There’s practically no line at any restaurant, store, or gas station – most people stay home and indoors!

These are just a few of the many reasons I LOVE rainy days in Florida!

Now… go splash in some puddles, people!

~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


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