Working on some new poetry…

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been in a very poetic mood lately. Writing a new poem every few days.

I’ve since submitted several pieces to literary magazines, contests, and publishers in the hopes that I can make some headway on my goal of 5-in-28. [See: Who, me? for details.]

Since I can’t share the full poems on here [1st rights to publishing, and all] I did want to share a tiny excerpt on here for thoughts, feedback, and criticism.

Here’s a small sampling of a poem I wrote about my wedding day:

Devotion, unabated.

Your heart is my respite,

I’ve found my absolution –

You’ve given up the fight!

No longer will I search the seas,

For the greatest of the fish –

For in my net,

The trap is set –

You’re more than I could wish.


More to come! Meanwhile, I wait anxiously to hear back on my submissions.

Leap of faith,

~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


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