This is genius. I needed to read this, especially today.

Sharing so that my other writing friends can glean some advice. Although, I have to admit, most of his advice is applicable to non-writers, as well!

~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann

kyle minor

Perhaps I haven’t attained the stature to give advice to other writers, but here is what I would say to a younger version of myself, if I could:

1. Swing for the fences every time.
2. If there is a thing you want to get paid to do, but no one would think of paying you to do it, do it for free, and place it wherever it will reach the most eyeballs.
3. Don’t waste your time doing things for money which won’t get you closer to the things you really want to do, unless you need the money to live.
4. If you’re a prose writer, study poetry as much as you study prose.
5. Be humble enough to do things that you ought to be “past,” if they will help you get better. Stature comes from your work, ultimately, not your institutional position.
6. Write in other…

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