I watched the debate tonight, paying equal attention to the words of both candidates, doing my best to remain as open-minded and analytical as possible.

However, I found myself very distracted. Not by the moderator or the audience, but rather by the constant play-by-play of my friends via Facebook. Literally, there was a new post every three seconds, primarily from the same ten people.

I am a very laid back person, so I find myself in a lot of different social circles, as I’m accepting of everyone. I don’t judge, I am tolerant, and I am receptive to a knowledgeable discussion of differing opinions without getting easily agitated. As a result of this openness, I have friends who favor both parties on my friend’s list and they both seem to be very vocal about their opinions of the commentary this evening.

I must say that I find this level of passion, this burning excitement, to be impressive. I’m envious of how strongly they feel for something. Other than my husband, my family, and my love for writing, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that ardently for anything – especially two middle-aged men spouting at each other.

While I take a very active interest in politics, it doesn’t put fire under my skin. I can speak of it calmly, even when talking to someone with completely opposite views. Unless they are unreasonable, I can even be known to come to a friendly agreement, while not sharing their views, and admit that I see logic in certain aspects of their argument. One of my closest friends is an Atheist and I can love him as equally as I love my devout Baptist friend – regardless of my own religious beliefs.

Granted, let it be known that I feel that every person deserves the right to marry whomever they want and a woman should ALWAYS have the right to make her own health choices – it is a decision she will have to live with her entire life, so let it be her own. I assure you, it’s a choice that will weigh far more heavily on her heart than it ever will a 60 year old politician, so it should be made only by her [and her significant other, if applicable.]

Outside of these factors, I’m honestly impartial to most of the debate topics. I watch the debate purely for the fact that I know it’s going to be chatted about at work and I do not like to be ignorant to the facts the next day. Otherwise, I’d happily get my summary of the debate from a NON-PARTISAN website the following day. Unfortunately, I cannot get away with that this year, and so I watch. And read. And digest.

And guess what? At the end of the day, I still love all of my friends, from the most vocal liberals to the most vociferous conservatives, and everyone in between.

Can’t we ALL just get along?

Optimistic for the END of the elections,

~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


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