I’ve finally hit my stride with NaNoWriMo. The habit has been formed and I’ve found the will power to sit down every night and pump out my word quota for the day.

Inali’s future is taking shape. She’s developing a personality and a purpose. A secondary character has been successfully introduced and will soon become her travel companion, although she doesn’t know this yet. The amazing high I feel every time I sit down to write is becoming addictive; is this what it feels like to create new life? Inali is my daughter and I’ve witnessed her birth; now I get to watch her grow.

In between work and NaNoWriMo, I’m still squeezing in time for school. Class this month is incredible and I’m discovering an unbridled love for all things transmedia. I had no idea that it was possible to extend a story successfully through so many mediums. It feels as if the restrictions of writing have been lifted; my story can supersede all limitations I’d previously [and quite unintentionally] set for it by limiting it to a page.

I have a few poems I’ve written in the past few weeks I’d like to post soon, so please watch for them in the coming days. Whenever writer’s block sets in for one project, I seem to suddenly find inspiration for another. When Inali’s story stalls, a poem pops out. When the well for verse runs dry, Inali takes a giant leap forward. Amazing how that works.

TGIF, my friends –

~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


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