Sidetracked… but not forgotten!

Whoops! It happened again! I let time slip away on me and nearly a week has passed since my last post. It’s so easy to let that happen in this crazy, rushing, cacophonous world we live in. Sometimes I surprise myself when I find time to eat, hit the gym, or even just take a few moments to breathe in and out, calmly and deeply.

I made the decision today to officially apply for graduate school, submitting my application only a few short hours ago. With great surprise to many people that know me, I’ve opted NOT to apply for the Master of Fine Art in Creative Writing program – the natural progression for my current major – but rather for the Master of Art in New Media Journalism.

I’ve discovered a passion for journalistic style writing over the last year as well as for new media. One of my favorite courses as of late was Transmedia Writing, which explored the potential of writing stories that extended beyond multiple mediums – films, websites, blogs, twitter, etc – and it really got me thinking about my potential. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE the printed word. A good book is probably one of the top three in my favorite things of all time [my husband and puppies being first and second], but I’ve realized I can do so much more if I expand my horizons.

After a lot of thought and even more internal debate, I decided the MFA in Creative Writing, while compelling and worthwhile, would only be a continuation of the same skill set I’ve already established in the past two years. The New Media Journalism MA would be an expansion. I would learn social media, public relations, branding, marketing, content creation and, most of all, new-world journalism. I’d not only learn to tell a story but to tell an IMPORTANT story that the world needs to hear. To do the research, find the facts, verify my sources, and get the word out there in a compelling and engaging way using all aspects of media. How amazing is that?

I had the unique opportunity to have a conversation with the Program Director this evening and it completely solidified my decision that this MA is the perfect fit for me. Granted, I have several more months to go before I finish my current program, but I’m already excited and anxious for what lies ahead. Heck, I’m even excited at the prospect of writing a THESIS PAPER; crazy, I know! I’ve truly redefined the meaning of masochist and I love it.

So, while I’ve been a bit sidetracked and haven’t blogged in a while, please don’t think I’ve been sitting around, twiddling my thumbs in idle complacency. This optimist has been moving and shaking and decision-making! OK, that was corny, I admit. But I’ve been busy. So there.

Optimistic about the future,

~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


2 thoughts on “Sidetracked… but not forgotten!

  1. Victoria,
    It’s great to hear about your decision. Congrats! I think you will make an excellent journalist, having read several of your articles you wrote for Full Sail. I’m looking forward to hearing about your journey into graduate school.


  2. Thank you, Jeremy! I’ll definitely keep you posted. I’m scheduled to begin in October 2013, if all goes well and I graduate on time from the BFA. Keep me posted on your progress in the undergrad and let me know if I can provide any insight into your future courses.


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