Resolutions for 2013

Another year draws to a close and the rush to draft up a long list of resolutions that I plan to break almost immediately in the new year is now upon me.

As I sit here looking back at the previous year, I wonder how much more I plan to resolve to change. I’ve already made some pretty dramatic changes in the past two years. In March 2011, I went back to school. This summer, I gave up pretty much all processed foods [including soy, wheat, dairy, and pretty much all other convenient, tasty foods] and have chosen a more healthy and holistic lifestyle. I get out frequently. I spend more time with friends. I love more, stress less. What more am I asking of myself for 2013?

This year, I want to focus on challenging myself to step continuously outside of my comfort zone. The moment I begin to feel comfortable or at ease with something, I want to push a step further. One example would be physical exercise, but I intend to apply this concept to all aspects of my life. Meeting new people. Trying new foods. Taking on freelance work. Anything and everything. I want to constantly face the prospect of failure – my greatest fear – so that I can both get used to it and overcome it. I want to be extroverted, spontaneous, excitable, and fresh – I want to follow my own advice and really LIVE this year in 2013.

A few things I commit to do in 2013 that would fall in line with the above-mentioned resolution:

1.) Sign up for and run a marathon in 2013.

2.) Submit my writings to at LEAST fifty separate publishers, journals, and contests this year. AKA, stop submitting my work to my school [where they publish at least 50% of what I turn in] and allow myself to face rejection and the potential for REAL, reputable publication.

3.) Finish editing my novel and send my query letters out to the top ten literary agents I think I’d stand a chance of getting picked up by.

4.) Do at least two of the following:

  • Sky Diving
  • Learn to water-ski
  • Bungee-jump
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Learn to snow-ski

5.) Attend a poetry reading and finally GET UP THERE and read my own work.

6.) Join and regularly volunteer with a local charity. Currently eying: Blessings in a Backpack.

This isn’t a concrete list, by any means, and each of these doesn’t signify an individual resolution. My goal for 2013 is to just grow, live, and experience as much as I can and stop letting my fear of rejection, failure, or insecurities stand in my way. I’m a bubbly, outgoing person by nature but I still have a tendency to let my fear of getting outside of my comfort zone prevent me from new experiences. For 2013, I want to stop being my own roadblock and really get out there.

Optimistic for an amazing new year,

~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


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