Assignment for work.

Amidst the holiday break, the Director in my department sat down with the leadership team and asked us about our professional and personal goals for 2013. Most of us had very similar ambitions professionally [e.g. move up!] and only slight diversity in our personal goals – weight loss, run a marathon, go vegan, etc. It was nice to verbalize our goals in this group setting, as it allowed for another level of accountability to stick with our resolutions and it added to the sense of camaraderie most of us already feel as a leadership team.

Before closing the meeting, our Director gave us a little homework assignment to get us really thinking over the weekend: what is your job?

It seems like such a simple question and I immediately thought to myself, “Well, duh. I’m a Team Leader, of course.”

He continued, though, challenging us to really think about what it is that we to do day-to-day. How do we inspire? Do we lead by example? How would members on our team describe us?

As homework for the weekend, he asked us to sit down and really answer these questions. Write it all out. What is it that I do every day? What steps do I take to lead, motivate, and inspire? Could I be doing more?

I’m sure he probably doesn’t expect more than a paragraph or two from each manager; I’ve just written a three page attestation. An oath to my position, to my team, and to my company. I couldn’t type the words fast enough. I had no idea my passion for leadership was this strong, this deep. My volume of resolutions has doubled as a result of this homework assignment. As I listed out all the things I currently do, I couldn’t help but think of dozens of other things I want to start doing – to implement and improve upon as soon as possible.

Thanks to this little project, I am more excited and motivated for 2013 and my professional goals than ever before. I want to be the best manager I can be and empower my team to achieve their goals as a result. I’ve never been more excited for the weekend to end in my whole life: I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow.

Here’s the a superb 2013 in the office,

~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


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