The editing is done… maybe?

So, I’ve spent three days and countless hours editing. I’ve gone from a silent film, to narrated [that’s a blog post all on it’s own, people], to deleting all of my narration and using title slides and background music.

The more I look at this film, the more I edit it. In fact, if I had the time, I’d probably want to scrap what I have and reshoot all of the footage. Not that any of this came out bad – I just keep getting new ideas!

I decided to finally call it a night and upload it to YouTube [private, of course] and guess what? YouTube’s video manager is down, so now I can’t get the link to share it! Ugh.

I guess that’s my sign to sleep on it for one more night before I publish this short documentary for the world to see.

It’s way more emotional than I intended. And, possibly, one of the most truthful and honest pieces I’ve ever created. I’m both proud and horrified of it. I also wish I were a little more skilled at iMovie. This is why I’m a WRITING student, though – I’m not supposed to do the filming and post-production! Ha!

Getting some rest and [hopefully] posting the video first thing in the morning.

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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