A Poem for Liliana

With your first breath, you stole our hearts.

Perfection in its tiniest form, you hold us in your little hands.

The love we feel for you is indefinable, permanent, and preponderant.

Your eyes, gateways to a soul in its most innocent and purist form,
I could look at you for hours.

Your little toes, individually adorable,
I want to kiss them,
One by one.

Baby Lili, you are beautiful by every definition,
And yet beautiful doesn’t seem a strong enough word to describe you.

There is nothing I wouldn’t give,
A sacrifrice?

With the first rockets blazing in the sky,
On a humid, Floridian night –
Our world stopped mid-spin.

For a new sun came into our lives.
With a gravitational pull stronger than
Our own hearts.


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