New Poem: “And so it ends.”

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In a strange mood tonight, I decided to channel a combination of emotions, frustrations, and angst into a new poem.

It’s not my usual bubbly, optimistic self, so feel free to navigate away if you were looking for a chuckle. 🙂


And so it ends.
Not with an argument,
no glory in the battle of who’s right
or who’s wrong.
It dwindled,
A fierce campfire consuming itself so
that it’s reduced to
as quickly as it began.
Marshmallows burnt black
Leaving the inner sugar still crystallized with ice.
Exactly as I feared,
Lust is ethereal.
Even the shiniest objects
lose their luster
after you’ve played
with them for a while.
You say we had something
That I was your muse
and you were my
That I was the one you could
share anything with.
You’ve taught me that
I’d rather hold it all in,
bursting at the seams,
than share
with someone who
listens only to pass the time
until his turn to speak.
And so it ends.
Not with a fight.
No fists flying with rage or rejection,
no visible bruises for the hurt inside.
On your terms
or on mine?
Is there really a victor
when the heart is involved?
Loving you was
but feeling loved by you was so
It almost made the pain worthwhile.
And so it ends.
I think we’re both relieved.


I vow to return to my normal optimistic self tomorrow!

Until then,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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