I want to be me.
Not what anyone
of me.

I’m a sexual person.
I won’t be
ashamed of it.
I want to have sex.
Lots of it.

I want to read
my books
without being called a nerd.

I want to write
my fucking poetry
without someone cranking up some shitty movie to max volume,
and then complaining
that my typing is

I want to drink wine when I crave it,
fuck when I want it,
and just be me.

Flaws and all.

Seems reasonable.

My wants and needs
encroach on others.
I hope they don’t sound

For each thing I crave
and want,
and need,
I’m willing to concede
in other areas.

I’m not against compromise.

I am, however,
against domestic tyranny.

Now give me a goddamned glass of wine.


Thanks for reading!

Victoria Elizabeth


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