Sex, lies, and margaritas.

Very few people can pinpoint the exact day their life turned to shit.

It takes years of alcoholism to destroy the liver, so you can’t nail down the day it all began. It takes at least a few months for a gambling habit to bankrupt you, so you can’t draw a circle around the date on a wall calendar.

For me, though, I know the exact day my life went to hell, the exact minute my bad decision started the dominoes falling.

Staring out over a mucky man-made lake, a few bites of greasy Mexican food and margaritas sloshing around in an acidic stomach, sunset on May 10th, 2012 is when he told me that he loved me.

My first mistake? I believed him.


Thanks for reading,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


5 thoughts on “Sex, lies, and margaritas.

      • I career I fled to was writing. I had taken it up while practicing law. Note law is not an intellectual activity; it is not a creative activity. It shuns originality.
        Anyone goes from law to writing, has to change the mindset. It took a long while. I spent a lot of time figuring how to fit writing into a changing life.
        I didn’t not make the mistake of stopping. I wrote. A novel I wrote about a litigation was horrible. I put it away. I rewrote it last-this month. It’s super.


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