People Come, People Go

At thirty years old, I am constantly learning how little I know.

I must frequently face my own nescience and come to terms with the fact that there is always someone smarter, always someone more creative, and always – ALWAYS – someone more talented that will beat me in every battle.

With this recurring dose of humility, I’ve come to accept that there are people that will enter my life for only a brief period of time, and that is both a blessing and a curse. I grow from my time with them, I learn from the experiences I share. Some of the lessons are positive, while some leave me reeling, wishing for a way to turn back time.

Since a time machine isn’t possible, I must accept that certain people play a role in my history and, in doing so, will play an integral role in my future. Understanding the qualities I can’t stand will help me to seek out the opposite in the future. Recognizing the mistakes I made will, hopefully, prevent me from making them again. Awareness of my previous naivete should, ideally, make me wiser and more skeptical in the future.

People come, people come. In some cases, their backs are the most beautiful feature they have.

Optimistic for better days ahead,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


4 thoughts on “People Come, People Go

  1. Dear Victoria!
    Reading your post i couldn’t resist to tel you this – nothing in you is less worth or less creative or anything less as it have to be! You are created to be as you are , there is only maybe a small difference that you cant see that yet! Your real value and your real you is IN YOU! By looking for confirmation outside you overlook your pearls! Take a look inside in you! The treasures are there!
    If any questions, please, visit my blog and go to Roadside Assistance page to contact me! I will be happy to help you!


  2. You may realize you know little or need to learn more. But that is an advantage. Learning in your passions – history, literature, drama – gives you incredible confidence and boosts the ego. Sometimes I don’t care if I don’t know something, although I know I don’t know it.


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