Upcoming: Florida Blog Con 2014!

I’m very excited to announce that I will be attending FlBlogCon 2014 here in Florida!

The event will be hosted on Saturday, September 20th at Full Sail University‘s gorgeous campus in scenic Winter Park, Florida. There are some major speakers at this year’s event, including Ted Murphy and Robin Draper (among many others). To say I am STOKED would be a massive understatement — I can barely sleep in anticipation!

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a pretty avid blogger (and you likely are, as well, considering you’re reading this on a blog)! In addition to running this blog, I also run/maintain a dieting blog, co-author a role-playing (pretend-drunkards) blog, and handle the majority of the web content for The Daily Buzz, a nationally syndicated TV show based out of Central Florida.

So …this is event is the COMICON to my world, and I am pretty darn pumped for it. I plan to take copious notes, live tweet during the lectures, and bring as much back to my web writing as possible immediately following the event.

Optimistic for an AMAZING FLBlogCon 2014!

~ Victoria Elizabeth

Image Courtesy: Florida Blog Con


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