A Visit to Hollywood Studios

Now that I work as a writer (well, part time, at least), I realize that I take far less time each week to work on my creative pursuits. I’m spending anywhere from an hour to three hours per day writing web content, health and tech articles, and social media blurbs for The Daily Buzz, but not making any time to work on my own writing.

Fortunately, a visit to Hollywood Studios reminded me of a favorite short film I saw in school, and now I’m anxious to start writing again.

Here’s the video:


I’ve always been a Jim Henson fan, but this film in particular really struck me while I was in school, as it was purely visual and the class had such different interpretations of the meaning of the short. Is man a slave to his environment? Is time an illusion? What was the true meaning and purpose behind the film? Did it tell a story, or was it just a small piece of a greater concept?

I love the mystery of this film, and ruminating on it – after seeing the Jim Henson signature at Hollywood Studios – reminded me of why I love to write: I write for my work to be read, to be thought over, and to inspire emotion.

So… it’s time to get writing.

Have a great day, friends!

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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