Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today marks my eighth anniversary as an employee of Full Sail University, a private college located in Central Florida.

A lot has changed in this span of time, with the university introducing online education back in early 2008 (I was one of the original admissions representatives to launch the division), and completely pioneering a new was of providing practical, integrated real-world education.

It’s hard for me to believe it has been nearly a decade.

I started on February 27th, 2007 …just three weeks before closing on my first home, and less than six weeks before marrying my husband.

Full Sail has been the catalyst to my growth, maturation, and self-edification. As a result of my employment, I was driven and motivated to return to school (in March 2011) to begin a second Bachelors degree in Creative Writing. I’m now four semesters into graduate school at Rollins College, nearly a year into working as a full-time paid writer/producer (while balancing my employment at Full Sail, I must add), and the happiest and most fulfilled I have ever been in my life.

I love what I do. I love helping people find what they love to do. I manage a team of eleven motivated, intelligent, compassionate, and caring individuals who’ve dedicated their professional lives to the service of our students. What greater joy is there than directly [and positively] impacting someone’s future?

I owe a lot to Full Sail. I continue to be grateful for their support, love, and encouragement in all areas of my life. Here’s hoping for many more anniversaries to come.

Optimistic for a beautiful day,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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