Free Will

I’m currently taking a “Poetry of the Earth” course in my MLS, which is basically a hybrid of science fiction/non-fiction and poetry. We’ve been encouraged to write science inspired poetry as part of the course, so I’ve been [trying] to find inspiration from the little science I know. Ha!

Here’s the poem I wrote for my class last night:

Free Will

In these cells,
of mitochondria
of vacuoles
mutation breaks;
rupture structure at the birth of starlight

In these bones,
of calcium
of carbon
filament cracks;
weaken at the sunset of another day

In these lungs,
of nitrogen
of oxygen
embolisms leech;
drowning the voice in middle of night

In these veins,
of iron
of lymph
ischemia fills;
tourniquet the heart with the moon’s rise

In these guts,
of acid,
of bile,
ulcers bleed;
weeping waste with the silence of stars

In these hands,
of flesh
of bone
melancholy lames;
hemorrhaging will from minds of infinite.


Thank you for reading,

Victoria Elizabeth


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