When Do We Address #GunLaws?

I support any American’s decision to practice their right to bear arms based on the constitution as it is currently written.

Go for it.

I choose not to, but that is mainly because I’m klutzy and would likely cause more injury to myself than I would a potential attacker. I’m not a fan of guns, but I also understand the feeling of security and protection it can afford someone, and I do not want to deny anyone that right.

That being said, there is NO REASON a civilian should have access to a military-grade assault weapon: a weapon designed to KILL as many people as possible in rapid-succession.

There is NO REASON an individual should need to shoot a CROWD of people in seconds, and the easy availability of this weapon (and those similar) is the primary reason mass-shootings are becoming the trademark of U.S. self-induced terrorism.

Seriously, do you realize how many people have died in just the last fifty years in the U.S. as a result of mass gun violence? Check this out for starters.

I am not going to make this a political rant: as my friends have said, and as I totally agree, today is NOT about jumping on a political soapbox.

Today is about mourning the loss of dear friends and family, and allowing people time to grieve in whatever form or fashion they need.

But if we want to prevent this from happening again – and again, and again, and again – we need to make civilian access to assault/combat weapons a thing of the past.

Image Credit: The Huffington Post

Love to all of you,

~ Victoria Elizabeth


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