Second publication in a week – I’ll take it!

Since the article was published on our student portal, I cannot actually share a link for it – only students, faculty, and staff can see it. This little snapshot will have to suffice!


Ok, ok… so this shouldn’t really count as a publication, because it’s not a piece of creative work I did or anything that required a lot of effort on my part, but I’m going to count it anyhow. Remember that Entertainment Writers Panel I was raving about last week? Well, the summary I wrote about it was published in the school’s e-newspaper/blog. It’s the “featured story” on the student portal landing page.

This is absolutely not a big deal, but, for the purposes of my 5-in-28 challenge [see Who, me? for more info], I’m counting it!

So that’s 2 down, 3 to go! And I’ve got 10 months to make it happen!

Following my dream,

~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


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