Published – 3 out of 5!

Ok, this 5-in-28 goal [see Who, me? for more info] is looking more and more achievable. I just got my 3rd publication!


It’s actually on our school’s portal, so I cannot post a direct link. I’ve copy/pasted the article below:


Finding Balance as an Online Student

Sep 25, 2012

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Many online students struggle to find time for school, work and family. Highly organized online student Victoria Webster-Perez offers tips on keeping yourself on track – which comes from her own experience as a student in the Creative Writing for Entertainment program and a full-time Admissions Team Leader at Full Sail.

The Greatest Struggle: Not Enough Hours in the Day!

One of the biggest struggles for students at Full Sail University is finding balance in their busy lives. This is especially the case for online students, as they are often juggling work, families, and social/personal responsibilities in addition to their studies. With the average student committing 25-30 hours per week to their courses, how do they find the time to get everything done? The trick is time management and follow-through.

Organization is Your Friend

The first step to finding equilibrium between all of your responsibilities is to create a plan. You’ll need to sit down, write-out your commitments and prioritize them, then schedule time into your week to make sure you accomplish them. Fortunately, our laptops come equipped with the handy program iCal, which is easy to use and can populate daily reminders to keep you focused. If you’re old school like I am, you can pick up an inexpensive day planner from any office supply store and hand-write out all of your commitments.

No Set Class Schedule? No Problem!

For online students who do not have set class schedules, it’s a great idea to get into the habit of blocking out time throughout the week to dedicate to your projects, watching the class videos, and participating in your discussion boards. Even if your assignments aren’t due until Sunday night, setting aside two or three hours each evening will help to avoid the panicked rush to finish all of your work during the weekend and help pace your progression through the course.

Now That You Have a Plan, Stick to it!

Okay, you’ve done the hard work! You’ve sat down, written out all of your obligations, and laid out a plan of attack. Now the fun part: you have to stick to your schedule. If you start slacking or procrastinating, you’ll be in the same position you were before. Treat your daily allotment of “school time” just as you would a job – show up on time, be focused, and stick with it the full amount of time you’ve scheduled.

But I Don’t Need This Much Time!

If you notice that you’re scheduling yourself too much time after the end of the week, feel free to shave it back the following week – but give it at least a few days before you start altering your schedule. Your weeks may fluctuate drastically based on the material covered in your class, so it’s always better to err on the side of caution and set aside extra time, rather than limit your hours and find that you didn’t allocate enough time to get everything finished.

Don’t Forget “Me Time!”

A crime we are all guilty of, more often than not, is forgetting to set aside time for ourselves. Between work, family, school, and the day-to-day minutia of life, it’s easy to put your own needs on the backburner. It’s time to break this habit, now!

Personal time, whether it’s reading a book, working out, or just quiet meditation, is essential to maintaining good health, both physically and mentally. It is not selfish to schedule an hour or so every day, or every few days, to focus on just YOU. This is what allows you to be fresh, energetic, and eager to serve your family, your friends, and your professional commitments as both an employee and a student.

By Victoria Webster-Perez

Victoria Webster-Perez is a Creative Writing for Entertainment student who works full time as an Admissions Team Leader at Full Sail University. Outside of her professional commitments, Victoria enjoys biking, rollerblading, and running. She is currently training to participate in the Savage Race in Dade City on Oct. 20. She actively participates every year in the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk and is hoping to coordinate a team of Full Sail students and staff at this year’s event on Oct. 13 at Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando.


The optimist is HAPPY!!!

~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


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