Great Mood!

I am in an absolutely wonderful mood today. I’m quite literally giddy. Why am I so happy? Allow me to list the reasons:

  • I am married to the most incredible man on earth! He made me fresh French-press coffee this morning. Seems like a small act, but it meant the world to me.
  • My department has moved back to main campus, which means I’m in the center of everything again. This makes it easier for me to attend school-related functions that I used to miss out on.
  • Did I mention my commute is now 7 minutes? =)
  • I am blessed to have an amazing, loving, generous family. And when I refer to family, I’m including my in-laws and my blood family equally in that statement. I really lucked out.
  • I am officially 12 months from graduation!
  • I have been published three times since my 28th birthday!
  • My job is incredibly rewarding and I work with some of the kindest, most genuine people in all of Central Florida.
  • I’m hitting the beach Sunday – I don’t care if it rains!
  • A very intelligent, gifted, and respected person in my life has agreed to collaborate with me on a screenplay – I have a very, very good feeling about this piece.
  • I have found time TWO DAYS IN A ROW [wow!] to read for leisure.

I’m sure I could keep this list going for hours. It’s amazing how much positivity has found it’s way into my life – proof that being an optimist has it’s payoffs.


~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


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