Step Up for Down Syndrome!

Tomorrow morning is the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk at Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando.

While I try not to bombard my friends and family with requests for contributions, it’s less than 24 hours away and I’m still a bit short on the minimum goal I was hoping to raise for the event.

The Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk is the main source of funding for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida. For those of you that do not know, my beautiful sister-in-law, Michelle, has Down Syndrome. She directly benefits from the charitable work of this organization, as they provide educational and extracurricular activities that help her and our family.

As a result, this charity is very near and dear to my heart.

If you live in the Orlando area, I’d love to have you as part of our team and join us at the walk at Lake Eola tomorrow, Saturday October 13th. The event starts at 8:30, the walk begins at 9:30, and we’re only making one big lap around the lake – less than 1/2 mile.

There will be food, fun, games, and raffles immediately following the walk, so all are welcome to attend. You’ve never seen fun until you’ve seen a Dance Off with these kids. They are the happiest, funniest, and cutest children in the whole world. It will make your heart glad to be there.

If you can join us for the walk, please sign up here to join our team:

If you cannot make the event but would like to make a donation [every dollar helps!], you can click here:

Ok, I’m done soliciting your help. If you can make it or donate, I’ll love you. If you can’t, I’ll still love you!

Ready for Saturday,

~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann


One thought on “Step Up for Down Syndrome!

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