Is there such a thing as balance?

Can one organize and compartmentalize each aspect of their life, tucking away a piece here and there until the floor is clean?

Can I stow my workaholic tendencies on the accent table, adjacent to my keys and the morning mail, so that I can truly unwind and relax on the weekends?

But wait – I’ve almost forgotten school. The weekends are for homework! Reading, writing, thinking, studying, hypothesizing. I think my drawers are overflowing.

And then there’s my husband.

And my puppies.

And my friends.

And my sanity.

If I am truly going to organize and balance all of these things, I think a trip to Ikea may be needed – they tend to be good with arranging clutter in a small space harmoniously and even with aesthetic grace.

Just found an excuse to go shopping while ranting about stress = a TRUE optimist.


~Victoria Elizabeth Ann


One thought on “Balance.

  1. oh my gosh i totally relate! i find it soooo hard to find balance as a full time student, with a part-time job, in a relationship, involved in clubs on campus. Oh my gosh its crazy! My solution: make time for YOU! (aka yoga!) : )


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