Post Holiday Mini-Poem

[Disclaimer: This is very dorky/corny. You’ve been warned.]


A mini-poem for those going through the post-holiday funk:


Christmas has gone,
The New Year has went,
The time is now done,
The hours long spent.
“Back to work,” the people cry,
“There is much to do!”
The bills, they come! I must comply,
The funds are far and few.
Don’t be sad, don’t despair!
Good tidings will come again.
The holly, the wreaths, the twinkling lights –
Will return to you, dear friend!
So wipe away your morose frown,
As you take down that Christmas tree,
For the holiday spirit never leaves –
It lives on in you and me.


Yes, it was a corny poem. No, I don’t care. I felt like being cliche and geeky today. Deal with it. 🙂


~ Victoria Elizabeth Ann



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